When you are planning an event, small or big, one of the main elements is, of course, interesting drinks and delicious food. If you are just starting out in the process of planning, especially if you have not yet hired a caterer ever before, you are likely trying to choose between a partial catering service, full catering service or perhaps, a food drop-off. Whether you are hosting an intimate wedding or a big birthday bash with closest friends and family, catering services increase the stress which comes with food planning as well as preparation.

The Difference Between a Full Catering Service and a Partial Catering Service

Full Catering Service

When talking about full catering service versus traditional catering service, a full catering service handles all conditions of the food service. From doing the job hand-in-hand to come up with the right menu concept, to serving as well as cleaning, the full catering service helps to make sure that your big day runs smoothly and accordingly.

Partial Catering Service

Depending on the catering service company, a partial catering service works in just a few ways. Either they leave the rest all up to you or drop the food – or they may help set up the tables and chairs however, do not serve nor clean the area. When you are choosing the partial catering service, you should ensure to ask certain questions because they all work in a different manner.

Which One is the Best for You?

The type of catering service you select depends on your event and your budget as well. If you are planning to have a giant, elegant wedding event, and when you are interested in elegant sit-down catering service, a full catering service is most likely the one to choose. If it is just a casual birthday event, or a backyard barbeque, you should be hiring the partial catering service.

Important Details About Full-Service Catering Service Providers

When hiring with a full-service catering service provider, you will basically get the following combination of basic elements:

1. Tables

Some catering service providers give tables for the foodservice items (such as a table for the taco buffet or one for the charcuterie spread) whereas other catering service providers may include full special occasion service rentals – like the tables. The table expenses can quickly add up so doing beforehand research what your catering service providers can give is often encouraged.

2. Chairs

The same case to the tables, some catering service providers also offer chairs. Options may include fancier chairs with cushions or simple plastic chairs. Match both tables and chairs beforehand so they will have an overall theme.

3. Linens

Along with the chairs and tables, catering service provides usually bring full linens such as tablecloths and napkins. Go for white linens if you are keeping things simple, timeless and classic or yellow if you are on a citrus-inspired summer theme

4. Glassware

It is a primary element of a successful celebration. It is what your attendees will use to stay hydrated and sip wine.

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