Prepare the Food Beforehand

Take a good look at the list of the menu and see what may be prepared beforehand. As a matter of fact, one of the greatest tricks for creating menu, when you are doing the preparation is to get ahead of mixing, baking, creating and chopping. Depending of what kinds of dishes you are serving, there are so many things which can be prepared beforehand with the help of a professional catering service provider such as Dayton catering service. For instance, you are making a spread of charcuterie – slice the cheese a day before, unwrap and then, cut the salami and map out every item which will go on the platter or the table.

Make a Backup Plan

Even though folks do not always want to admit mistakes, when you are an event planner, a backup is basically a very important thing that you should always have. If you are hosting a backyard celebration, create a plan and a backup plan as to what will occur if rains come. Will you offer umbrellas, simply turn up a great music and dance or move the tables and chairs inside? In addition to that, backups are very important when talking about serving food and beverages, as well. You should also make sure that you have plenty and sufficient amounts of backups in the event your guests are extra thirsty or hungry. You do not want to take the risk of underserving or the risk of running out, and sending your attendees home feeling parched and starved.

Set a Specific Timeline

Setting a specific timeline for the entire day or event will definitely keep you on track as well as make sure that everything runs smoothly and accordingly. When you are preparing for a celebration or party, it is very easy to lose your track of time. You may also have the tendency to waste time in the morning or in the afternoon on one specific job. Aside from that, you should give yourself enough time for placing the linens on your tables, a time for putting drinks and ice in their certain places, and a time for floral arrangement. Of course, once you are hosting, make sure that you include the time it spends for you to get the event ready. If you are relaxed when attendees arrive, they will absolutely be, as well.

Set a Range of Budget

Actually, one of the biggest roles of an event is setting a range of budget. Your budget should dictate how many guests you have to invite, who to hire, and what venue you choose – from a florist to a catering service provider to a bartender. Once you already hit your targeted budget, you can somehow adjust accordingly. If you are working with a tight budget, you will find that there are still a lot of individuals who are glad to offer services that suit perfectly on your budget. Perhaps a graphic designer relative is willing to help you with printed signs or maybe someone you’re close with is exceptionally great at arranging flowers.