An Event Planning Guide: How to Ensure a Spectacular Event

Prepare the Food Beforehand

Take a good look at the list of the menu and see what may be prepared beforehand. As a matter of fact, one of the greatest tricks for creating menu, when you are doing the preparation is to get ahead of mixing, baking, creating and chopping. Depending of what kinds of dishes you are serving, there are so many things which can be prepared beforehand with the help of a professional catering service provider such as Dayton catering service. For instance, you are making a spread of charcuterie – slice the cheese a day before, unwrap and then, cut the salami and map out every item which will go on the platter or the table.

Make a Backup Plan

Even though folks do not always want to admit mistakes, when you are an event planner, a backup is basically a very important thing that you should always have. If you are hosting a backyard celebration, create a plan and a backup plan as to what will occur if rains come. Will you offer umbrellas, simply turn up a great music and dance or move the tables and chairs inside? In addition to that, backups are very important when talking about serving food and beverages, as well. You should also make sure that you have plenty and sufficient amounts of backups in the event your guests are extra thirsty or hungry. You do not want to take the risk of underserving or the risk of running out, and sending your attendees home feeling parched and starved.

Set a Specific Timeline

Setting a specific timeline for the entire day or event will definitely keep you on track as well as make sure that everything runs smoothly and accordingly. When you are preparing for a celebration or party, it is very easy to lose your track of time. You may also have the tendency to waste time in the morning or in the afternoon on one specific job. Aside from that, you should give yourself enough time for placing the linens on your tables, a time for putting drinks and ice in their certain places, and a time for floral arrangement. Of course, once you are hosting, make sure that you include the time it spends for you to get the event ready. If you are relaxed when attendees arrive, they will absolutely be, as well.

Set a Range of Budget

Actually, one of the biggest roles of an event is setting a range of budget. Your budget should dictate how many guests you have to invite, who to hire, and what venue you choose – from a florist to a catering service provider to a bartender. Once you already hit your targeted budget, you can somehow adjust accordingly. If you are working with a tight budget, you will find that there are still a lot of individuals who are glad to offer services that suit perfectly on your budget. Perhaps a graphic designer relative is willing to help you with printed signs or maybe someone you’re close with is exceptionally great at arranging flowers.

Tips for Planning a Big Event

Anytime you are planning an event, it may usually seem that your to-do list keeps growing – that can begin to feel overwhelming and amazing. That is the reason why it is very vital to keep yourself in check with the organization, creativity and a bit of preparedness. If you are planning a big event slightly stressed, no need to be afraid. We have got you everything covered with tips from a bachelorette party to a dinner party. As a matter of fact, we have also compiled top list of tips for planning a successful and huge event. The following are some of the tips on how to plan for a successful event, big or small:

1. Delegate Simple Works

One of the most vital roles of having to plan a huge event is to delegate jobs. When you are the event planner of a wedding, for instance, enlist one member of the family to help you with the welcome sign, 1 or 2 more to your playlist, and another to the arrangements of the flowers. In addition to that, the best portion about assigning your work for a huge event is that people become too excited to collaborate and come together and that makes the end outcome even better.

2. Get Organized

Basically, one of the most essential tips for planning a huge occasion is to get organized first prior to the start of the project. Furthermore, begin by creating a checklist of plan on the computer or list down your plans beforehand so that you may get a feel for an overall scope of things as well as how much every different aspect will need. Some individuals prefer taking down notes in various colors to help them with their creativity, while others want to go the easy black and white type of font on your computer. Therefore, create a master plan and then get organized.

3. Guest Outreach

It includes creating a list of attendees, following up with RSVPs and sending the invites. The bigger the event, the more time you will want to allow for that certain task. Begin with collecting addresses and sending the invites far enough beforehand so you have a lot of time to follow up twice if necessary. Keep in mind that if you are on track with the guest outreach, your attendees may be slower to respond or not quite sure if they can be there – so the more time you give them, the better.

4. Create a To-Do List

You will probably find you’ve several to-do lists all throughout the planning process depending on how large your party is. Instead of letting the ideas fly around freely in the corners of your brain, that can only lead to anxiety and stress, put down those event ideas on a piece of paper with a must-do list. For example, you should list down your timeline on when is the best time to contact a certain supplier such as a caterer (you can find a professional one on this website). Regardless of how huge the list is, you will find that it is very gratifying to cross-out the list one at a time.

Characteristics of a Quality Production Catering Service Provider

One of the most important roles in keeping your staff happy is the food. As a matter of fact, making sure that your team is well-fed means that they will be always ready and fueled up for the everyday work ahead of them. When your staff is hungry, on the other hand, the schedule may be set back as well as the whole energy of the set may shift.

That is one of the reasons why it is a great idea to hire professional and highly reputable production catering service providers with you. They will definitely keep everything running smoothly and accordingly, and also, keep your staff happy, well-fed and healthy. If you are looking to hire quality film production catering service providers, you should consider the following characteristics before you book:

1. Flexibility

It is very important when talking about catering services, because your hired catering service provider requires only to perform according to the flow of the event as well as to adjust to changes or problems that may arise. Aside from that, when your catering service providers are flexible, these circumstances can be handled smoothly and effectively. Flexibility is basically the key such to things such as film production catering, since the catering service provider has to roll while maintaining the schedule.

2. Communication

When you are hiring a catering service, communication is obviously very important. You want to ensure that your potential catering service is responsive with both calls and emails. This is very vital when talking about film production catering because specific details may change prior to the event (locations, dietary restrictions, number of guest). When you and your caterer have a good open communication, a successful, wonderful event is guaranteed.

3. Location

Some catering services will travel, though when you only keep it local, you will likely have the access to newer local ingredients as well as be able to pull off extra travel payments. For sure, there are a lot of high-quality and affordable catering options almost anywhere in the world right now. Whether you are looking for a lunch or breakfast catering, meals will definitely shine when you use services which are local.

4. Dietary Restrictions

Certain catering service providers are actually more equipped in dealing with dietary restrictions compared to other caterers. If this is crucial to you and your attendees or staff, you should make sure that you inquire about this ahead of time. Topnotch catering service providers know how to handle certain dietary restrictions while still making delicious food and meals. Having said that, this makes mealtime very easy for people who are allergic to some ingredients or selective to their meals.

5. Details

The best catering services are organized and detail-oriented. Whether you are working through a contract or just discussing smaller details such as plate size, a good and quality catering service provider pays attention to you and every detail you present, and vice versa – from presentation to the tastes, to the colors. To know more information, visit

Catering 101: Things You Need to Know

When you are planning an event, small or big, one of the main elements is, of course, interesting drinks and delicious food. If you are just starting out in the process of planning, especially if you have not yet hired a caterer ever before, you are likely trying to choose between a partial catering service, full catering service or perhaps, a food drop-off. Whether you are hosting an intimate wedding or a big birthday bash with closest friends and family, catering services increase the stress which comes with food planning as well as preparation.

The Difference Between a Full Catering Service and a Partial Catering Service

Full Catering Service

When talking about full catering service versus traditional catering service, a full catering service handles all conditions of the food service. From doing the job hand-in-hand to come up with the right menu concept, to serving as well as cleaning, the full catering service helps to make sure that your big day runs smoothly and accordingly.

Partial Catering Service

Depending on the catering service company, a partial catering service works in just a few ways. Either they leave the rest all up to you or drop the food – or they may help set up the tables and chairs however, do not serve nor clean the area. When you are choosing the partial catering service, you should ensure to ask certain questions because they all work in a different manner.

Which One is the Best for You?

The type of catering service you select depends on your event and your budget as well. If you are planning to have a giant, elegant wedding event, and when you are interested in elegant sit-down catering service, a full catering service is most likely the one to choose. If it is just a casual birthday event, or a backyard barbeque, you should be hiring the partial catering service.

Important Details About Full-Service Catering Service Providers

When hiring with a full-service catering service provider, you will basically get the following combination of basic elements:

1. Tables

Some catering service providers give tables for the foodservice items (such as a table for the taco buffet or one for the charcuterie spread) whereas other catering service providers may include full special occasion service rentals – like the tables. The table expenses can quickly add up so doing beforehand research what your catering service providers can give is often encouraged.

2. Chairs

The same case to the tables, some catering service providers also offer chairs. Options may include fancier chairs with cushions or simple plastic chairs. Match both tables and chairs beforehand so they will have an overall theme.

3. Linens

Along with the chairs and tables, catering service provides usually bring full linens such as tablecloths and napkins. Go for white linens if you are keeping things simple, timeless and classic or yellow if you are on a citrus-inspired summer theme

4. Glassware

It is a primary element of a successful celebration. It is what your attendees will use to stay hydrated and sip wine.

To know more about the services of a professional catering company, it’s best that you contact catering Dayton, Ohio.

Advantages of Catering Any Event

Everybody just loves great food. It is basically the highlight of any big or small event and also, a source of some great excitement for hungry attendees. One example is the fancy blow-the-budget wedding feast however, the same rules are being applied to all simple or grand gatherings. As a matter of fact, organic or delicious catering often hits the spot whether you are hosting a corporate event, birthday celebration or a breakfast meeting to wow the clients and employees.

Wedding Celebrations

A wedding celebration is a once in a lifetime event when you eat your first meal as husband and wife. Surrounded by your friends and family members, everything else is focusing on the two of you. In addition to that, the great news is you have a lot of choices on the service and menu options, from sit down to buffet-style, back of your home to a full catering service. As a matter of fact, take time to find the best and the most perfect fit that suits you. Selecting a catering service with loads of experience means that you can completely rely on them to make the meal of your dreams possible and also, know they will have your back on your big event.

If you are hosting a small, not-so formal gathering, a buffet-type of catering can work perfectly (with clear away plates, manage portions, crew on hand to serve and a lot more). Otherwise, your best option is the old-style sit-down route with a completely staffed catering service team which will serve your visitors appetizers as well as drinks upon arrival, make sure the meals arrive in a timely manner with water glasses ready on the table, and up to the cleaning process and packing up rentals.

Small Parties

This could probably be a family reunion, anniversary party, engagement party or birthday bash. Whatever the event maybe, when you are entertaining or making 50 or more people happy and interested, select an event catering service company that can give you a drop-off buffet (where you are responsible for clearing and serving), back of house services, you keep everything upfront, or complete service with catering crews to suit a small number of attendees. Because of this, the only thing left for you to do is to just enjoy your big day without having to worry about anything else.

Big Parties

Engagement parties, anniversary parties, milestone birthdays, a big event is likely to involve fifty or more attendees which need a birthday caterer or event caterer with high experience. Keep in mind that even a buffet-style will also require staff to hand a round of savory dishes, manage the bar, clear glasses as well as plates.

Corporates Functions

Planning your corporate gathering is a huge responsibility. You would want the event to reflect well on your company and yourself, whether you are schmoozing clients, launching a product, throwing a thank you party for your outstanding employees or just hosting a meeting. This is why it’s best that you leave the food planning and preparation of your corporate event menus to your chosen professional caterer. For more information on how to hire one, visit